Tips For Meeting With Your Legislators

  1. Make an appointment in advance to visit your legislator.

  • They are very busy people, especially during the legislative session, meetings last 5-15 minutes.
  • Be ON TIME!

2. Dress as if you were going to meet someone important. You are!

  • Legislators always dress professionally. We should dress professionally when we visit the Capitol & our legislators, as well.
  • A trip to the Capitol is more than a field trip. It is our opportunity to be ambassadors for Christ and Christian home education to our government officials. This is very important.
  • We may be the only homeschoolers some legislators ever see.
  • Therefore, our dress should reflect the care, thoughtfulness, and attention to detail that we apply to every area of our homeschooling … and all of life.

3. Be gracious, courteous, and honoring in everything you say
and do.

  • Through your actions, also, you are representing Christ to this person who is representing you in our government.
  • Discuss with your family the importance of communicating with our words, facial expressions, actions, and attitudes only what is honoring to Christ and others.
  • Be brief!

4. Have a plan.

  • Be prepared with several brief but important things you wish to communicate to your legislator.
  • Introduce each member of your family. Then begin by expressing your gratitude for his/her work on your behalf.
  • Be informed on issues effecting home education this session, CHN will have a paper prepared for you to pick up at the registration table.
  • Express also your sincere appreciation for the legislature’s consistent protection of our freedoms to homeschool in this state.
  • Share one or two important benefits of homeschooling in your family.
  • Express briefly any concern you might have.
  • And/or—if time permits—have a child or two ask a significant question that has been thought through beforehand.

5. Be relaxed and friendly.

  • Although legislators are governing authorities, they are also people just like you. They appreciate genuine friendliness like everyone else.

6. Be grateful!

  • Before leaving, again express your genuine gratitude for the time your legislator has spent with you.

Courtesy of

Christian Homeschool Network ( ) &
Christian Heritage Home Educators of Washington )

Permission granted to copy in entirety and distribute freely.