It’s your legislature, and they are working
The legislature convenes in early January each year.  But in even-numbered years, the legislative session lasts 60 days; in odd-numbered years, it lasts 105 days—called short and long sessions. 

A couple of questions for you: 

  • Do they know your priorities? 
  • Do you know their priorities?

Look at the website copied below.  
It gives you the means of answering these two questions. Through the links you are able to contact them on issues that concern you and see the committees they belong to and the bills they have sponsored to know what concerns them.

Please post this site to your favorites: 

  • For your family civics time, it would be fun to track daily: your legislator, or the committee that interests you, or a particular bill of interest.
  • You can see in red below the legislative hotline which will register your thoughts on a bill.  The number is 800.562.6000.Enter this in your cell phones now.
  • The links to the left of the page take you to information lists about your Representatives, Senators, Committees and Agendas. 
  • You can read bills in their entirety and follow them through the legislative process. (Continued below.)

A couple more questions: 

  • Legislators serve you.  But did you know that you can–and should–serve them? 
  • Do you pray for them?  And do you let them know that you are you’re praying for them?
  • Do you encourage them?  Drop them a postcard from home and tell them thank you for their service.
  • Do you know that you serve them by sharing with them your concerns about the issues they are considering?

Here are personal examples:

  • I’ve had an opportunity during a session to pray for one of our legislators who was going through some medical issues.
  • When I approached one legislative assistant, they asked me how many homeschoolers were in their district. 
  • Where these two events cross for me is that we can be God’s light into the legislature just like we are to be His light into all the world around us.

Thanks for your interest,
Rick Hole